Insomnia : An Affliction of the Intelligent

February 6th, 2017

I just heard on a podcast someone say “insomnia is a curse of the intelligent” as part of a discussion about IQ, intelligence, and life success. The speaker thought he was quite intelligent, and said that insomnia was reported by a lot of very intelligent people.

As someone who has been through more than one round of drug addiction, both before AND after dealing with sleeplessness and insomnia, I can report that is not a very helpful comment.

Sleeplessness effects many of us, for many different reasons. I doubt very much the incidence of  insomnia is correlated with intelligence, although it may be true that people who report insomnia and seek treatment for it, have a higher than average intelligence.

That is what they call “bias” in scientific work – the skew of a sample population (people seeking treatment are of higher intelligence, on average, than people suffering without seeking help). That fact leads to a bias in the analysis… it may look like insomnia (or sleeplessness) is correlated with intelligence simply because the data are biased due to that “sampling error”.

Anyway… as some 2 years into recovery from addiction disorder that included a drug addiction involving prescription drugs I used to help me sleep, I can report that some insomnia can be cured.

Here I offer a shout out to  the great counselors at The Counseling Center where I was re-trained after I got help with my drug addiction.  Of the many types of therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was the most helpful (there are several kinds of CBT btw – ask your therapist).

In the detox center I was taken off of several drugs (like Xanax) that had helped me sleep. My addiction (to opiates) helped me cope with my days, but wrecked my sleep. The addiction lifestyle is enough to keep you awake 24×7, let alone the drugs and alcohol and lack of nutrition and no exercise ever.

I learned seeral techniques to overcome my anxieties, in addition to ongoing medical help. Insomnia may be a difficult condition, and very hard to treat in some cases, but it is also a consequence of other actions and activities (in some cases) which may be addressed with therapy, as mine has been.

I still love my lavender sleep drops! But I don’t need them to sleep. I believe I sleep better with them as part of my sleep ritual, and I do enjoy them. I don’t believe insomnia is an affliction of the “intelligent”, though. In fact, while in the intensive outpatient program at The Counseling Center in Clark, NJ I learned that it may be true that, on average, highly intelligent people AVOID accepting help from therapists and therapy programs! That right there is another bias that skews the data!


Continuing my Recovery

July 3rd, 2016

Just a quick update…. I continue to succeed in my recovery, although the challenges remain and every day is a new experience for me. The folks at Sunrise are awesome, and I really appreciate how I started there even after I’ve spent months in rehab and months in aftercare/counseling/meetings.

Sleep is such an important part of wellness, I never realized. Poor nutrition, bad habits, allowing every distraction in my world to interfere with my sleep hinestly supported and encouraged my addictions. I won’t say the sleeping pills were a cause of my drug and alcohol misuse, but it sure didn’t help.

Looking back I can see how hard I tried to find natural sleep remedies before I started down the prescription pill road. I am also discovering that I started using my sleeplessness and insomnia as an excuse to lean on heavier and heaver doses of alchol and eventually pills. Lavender is a WONDERFUL sleep aid… and I knew that… but I was after more than just a sleep aid. I should have joined a group counseling session, instead of continuing beyond the safe, natural sleep remedies.

Every day is a learning experience. Every day is life, worth living.

Sleep Lozenges – Moon Drops

March 6th, 2016

I’ve never tried “Moon Drops” so I’m not sure how they work. I understand they are medicine, though. I’m more interested in natural sleep remedies, such as lavender. We’re now at that time of the year when the sun starts rising in the sky and there are more noises outside later, and I have more trouble sleeping.  I hope my lavender drops are enough. If not, I may have to try something new this year.

I had some issues with pain pills and had to go into drug detox once. While there, sleep was a big issue. Sleep is super important for health — I learned a lot about that. It’s not a coincidence that poor sleep or inability to sleep was part of my drug addiction problem, and getting zonked on pain killers was not a very smart solution.

My roommate didn’t know anything about natural sleep remedies,but also had sleep problems. I helped her out, I think. She’s really fond of lavender drops now. Thanks Sunrise for the care and good job with the drug detox. Every time I go to sleep I dab a few drops of lavender sleep drops on my pillow, and remember my days at Sunrise Detox in New Jersey. I’m pretty sure I would have become addicted to heroin if I had not gotten their help when I did, because everyone I knew was switching from oxys to a heroin mix. I chose drug detox with Sunrise instead of that craziness.

Homeopathic Sleep Remedy

June 11th, 2009

I just tired a new homeopathic sleep remedy and as soon as I opened the bottle I knew it was Lavendar sleep drops. I won’t mention the name here for a few reasons: it was expensive, it was a less potent Lavender than the lavender sleep drops I already use, and no reason to say anything negative about them. I did try it out, but it really just reminded me of my usual lavender drops, making me want to use that instead.

Still hunting for options, because even though I love my Vali, I am interested in what else is out there.

Trouble Sleeping without Lavender

March 17th, 2009

I traveled and forgot my lavender, and boy do I appreciate just how important my sleep drops are. I tried to buy some at the pharmacy and then even went to a health food store, which has some lavender oil, but it wasn’t the same. The lavender oil was very expensive, and on my nose it was almost acidic. Not at all soothing. I’m not sure what Essense of Vali puts in her sleep drops, but I bought an extra small bottle of lavender mist spray to keep in my travel kit.

Travel to San Juan Islands

March 2nd, 2009

I’ve go tto do some traveling, and I’m looking forward to a visit to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle, Washington. I’m so excited!

Lavender sleep drops

July 20th, 2008

I found lavender drops to work well, and there is a site called Lavender Sleep Drops. They link to Essence of Vali sleep drops.  I got mine when I walked the Lavender farm, but they don’t sell sleep drops. The Essence of Vali is sold especially as sleep support. I think that if I walked slowly through this lavender farm, I would probably fall asleep myself!

Sleep Drops

April 1st, 2008

Sleep Drops are my salvation. My mom introduce dme to lavender for sleeping when I was alittle child. The bunnies in my bed time stories fell asleep in the lavender patch. Now, 30 years later, I have rediscovered my sleep aid – lavender sleep drops. And so I name my blog “Sleep Drops”.